News Updated: October 12, 11:00pm PDT

The Glenwood Klickitat Ride ride went ahead in dry conditions. Five bikes took part. Lunch at Los Reyes in Bingen was not up to par for some - maybe a change of management ? The twisties on the Klickitat - Appleton road were just as awesome as ever. A great ride to close the 2014 season. Photos to follow soon.

The Siletz River Ride ride went ahead in sunny weather on Sunday 8/17/14. Four bikes took part. Traffic was light on the two coast backroads: Devil's Lake and Siletz River. Lunch was at Georgie's Beachside Grill in Newport. Check out the route here.

The Green Peter Dam ride went ahead in perfect conditions on Sunday 6/8/14. Seven bikes took part. Another great day out and a great lunch on the deck at The Point Restaurant in Sweet Home. Check out the route here.

The Bickleton ride went ahead in dry conditions on Sunday 5/25/14. Five bikes took part. Hwy 14 was not busy. Centerville, Bickleton Highways and East Road from Bickleton to Roosevelt were empty. A great day out. Check out the route here.

The Saturday, May 10 ride to Rose City 500 went ahead rain or shine as usual. While the route was not particularly inspired and weather was mixed, two ORR riders and a couple other friends completed the route, taking the Detroit to Estacada road instead of the prescribed Hwy 22 route back to I-5. Round trip was 460 miles going that way.

The Sunday, May 4 ride to King's Valley went ahead despite calls for rain. They were right about the rain, and then some, but not everywhere. There was a spontaneous change of lunch venue at the Bread Board in Falls City, OR. If you've never enjoyed 'Bacon Candy', you haven't lived. Two bikes took part. A fun day, providing you wore the requisite gear !

The Sunday, April 13 ride to Camp 18 which had been postponed from two weeks prior, went ahead in perfect conditions. Seven bikes took part.

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